” Be The Single Point Service Provider – The Bridge Between The Customer’s Health Requirements & Related Products/ Services, Through Their Lifecycle Journey”



Aggregate All the Healthcare Providers/ Services Using Block Chain Technology. Be The Leader In Putting Process, Highest Data Security Standards & Ensure A Healthy Quality Life Of The Customer

Your 360°Holistic Healthcare + Wellness Solution

Virtus Healthcare Consulting in JV with iWellthness Sciences & Informatics Pvt Ltd. India has Launched a new live eHealthcare Solution for changing the way you managed and dealt with your personal and family Healthcare. Today in the Middle East becoming sick is not an expensive ordeal, healthcare is prohibitive and most important to one’s life; question is…are you in command at the line of treatment that is being imparted to you? 

Virtus Group’s iWellthness Solution will now enable every individual, corporate and institution outside the healthcare industry to know, educate and command the line of treatment and gives you the knowledge and empowerment to choose your options wisely by giving you a direct line at all times to consult and take a 1st and 2nd opinion in your own time and space from renowned vertical specialist Doctors from India and soon from around the world. Headed by Dr Jayashree Ramesh. MBBS.MD.DPMR, with a team of specialist doctors like GP, Cardiologist, Pulmonologist, Histopathologist, Gastroentrologist, Hematologist, Gynaecologist, Oncologist, Neurologist, etc. The services are 24 x7 hours, Application based and most important the organization can help you to maintain your healthcare records which are directly under your control. 

Talk to us, for an end to end Healthcare solution, we have several packages which is tailored to meet your purse without compromising your health care needs.

How we help clients in the iWellthness Industry

Professional Approach

Healthcare Insurance is a fairly complex issue, for example in India only 5% of the total population of India of 1.5 Billion people are covered, the reason it could be because of Health Insurance cost, ignorance or lack of understanding of what is good for them. This problem is more or less same in other parts too MENA, ASEAN etc., the premium cost is just going on and on. Therefore, as part of our Holistic Health Service Delivery, we chose that we need to have a Healthcare Insurance experience partner who will guide our customer and help them in achieving their best goals in reduced Health Management cost .