Build - Operate - Transfer (BoT)

Virtus Group of Companies uses the Build-Operate-Transfer (BOT) structure as an investment strategy in its investment verticals. The BOT is a form of public-private partnership (PPP) commonly used in infrastructure projects, where a private sector entity designs, builds, finances, and operates a facility for a period of time before transferring ownership and control back to the government or another designated entity.

In investment banking, BOT projects are typically financed through a combination of debt and equity, with the private sector partner responsible for securing financing and managing the construction and operation of the facility.

The structure of a BOT project can vary depending on the specific needs of the project and the parties involved, but generally involves a concession agreement between the private sector partner and the government or other public entity.

Overall, BOT projects can be a complex and challenging undertaking, but can also offer significant benefits in terms of increased access to capital, improved infrastructure, and enhanced public-private cooperation.