Structured Finance

Virtus Group of Companies supports corporates, governments, and PPPs with Structured Finance and bespoke financial solutions. Virtus structured finance refers to the process of creating complex financial instruments by pooling various financial assets, such as loans, bonds, and other securities, and then using them as collateral to issue new securities to investors. In project financing, structured finance can be used to fund large-scale infrastructure projects by creating a special purpose vehicle (SPV) that pools together various sources of financing, such as debt and equity, to fund the project. The SPV then issues bonds or other securities to investors, with the cash flows generated by the project used to repay the investors. This allows project sponsors to access a wider pool of capital and reduce their exposure to risk.

Due diligence in the investment processes is therefore highly important and is the process of investigating and researching a potential investment opportunity to ensure that all relevant information is considered before making a decision. It usually involves a comprehensive analysis of the financial, legal, operational, and commercial aspects of the investment opportunity in order to identify any potential risks and opportunities. The objective of due diligence is to provide investors with a clear and accurate picture of the investment opportunity so that they can make informed decisions based on the findings.