To harness the raw power of technology and wield it to democratize the economy and advance labor rights by creating a medium that promotes platform co-operativism. It was felt that a product was really needed to serve the burgeoning working class population of India who earn their wages through labour. They constantly work hard and are unaware of the rights and laws which are designed and enacted for them. This was the simple idea behind creating INSAAF. 


At Insaaf, we work hard every day with the same high level of dedication because we want to solve the biggest problem holding back India. Everyone predicting the answer. Workers are unaware of their rights. Industries take advantage of them. Industries abuse them on a daily basis. Workers who may be aware are afraid to take action. Or they are simply uninformed about the steps to take. Some workers may have taken steps, but were unsuccessful in their efforts. They are unable to make informed decisions based on data. To put it simple, they are not able to exercise their legal rights which they are entitled to. Our mission at Insaaf is to make this process transparent. We aim to provide the most actionable mobile app and website to help workers fight for these rights and educate them about their rights. We want to make this innovation available to as many people as possible and bring a change in their lives.

Keys to success 

• Grow and maintain an extensive network of industries, government POCs and customers 
• Create an immense amount of database of laborers and industries related in our databases 
• Provide an in-depth and excellent customer service 
• Focus expertise in labour laws 
• Respond rapidly to customer feedback

How we help clients in the INSAAF Industry

Insaaf Advisory

The process began by extensive research in the field of labor laws of India. The main objective is to develop a repository of labor laws and rights which will be mapped into an interface. This will be the go-to app to obtain comprehensive information with regard to grievances under various categories. It will provide assistance in form filling, information about the different POC departments and also educate people about the respective central and states laws, the consequences and the corrective measures to be taken into account in case of any grievance. It will be a very easy use- one touch app, having only one thing listed on one page. It will seamlessly shift from one screen to another keeping in mind the user’s literacy. We will be giving two accounts in the application user interface- one for lawyers and another for labors. Lawyers will get notification as soon as a labor registers a complaint. This part has been covered in an indepth analysis with application UI.