Associate - Investment Banking & Deals Advisory

Victor Germer is an Investment Banking & Deals Advisory Associate at Virtus Group of Companies in UAE, UK, and India. The role primarily involves boutique financial solutions and a strong level of complete financial support & client relationship management. The work embraces due diligence procedures, data analytics, preparation of business plans, investor presentations, financial projections, scenario testing, and client meetings to understand each client/project’s needs & requirements.

Victor has several years of experience in Investment Banking & Financial Services. Before Victor joined Virtus Group of Companies he worked as a Fund Manager for a Dubai-based Investment Bank, a Financial Advisor for a Swedish Investment Company, a Personal Banking Advisor for one of the biggest Swedish Banks, and a Sales Team Leader for a Norwegian Sales & Marketing Company.

Victor has achieved a comprehensive academic background, an MBA degree from the top-tier Autonomous University of Barcelona in Spain, and an M.Sc. in Business and Economics from Linköping University in Sweden.

Victor Germer is currently located in Dubai, although he has previously lived in several European countries; Sweden, Norway, Germany, and Spain. Victor’s motivation is to always generate efficient and sustainable value for all Virtus clients