Training & Development

The Training industry can be seen as generic and easy field to relate to, but seldom misunderstood in terms of specificities and specialization. It’s important to know what you need before going and looking for training resources, Virtus’ People Advisory can guide you through this process and segregate your needs under the various categories below:

– Learning Management Systems (LMS)/ eLearning content and Learning Management Platforms.
– Assessments and Evaluation of Psychometrics, Training Needs and Gap Analysis Studies.
– Training Content Libraries.
– Self Content Development Tools & Authoring.
– Training Delivery (Classroom / eLearning / On the Job / Seminar / Public Workshops)
– Mandatory Industry Awareness and Certification training
– Health & Safety (i.e.QHSE), Banking Standards (i.e BASIL3, Cyber Security, AML, etc.); Process & Efficiency related (i.e. Six Sigma, QHSE, ISO, UKAAS, etc.).
– Leadership & Executive Bespoke Learning Events & Workshops.

Whatever your need and level of maturity within your organization’s learning ability and development framework; Virtus is happy to participate, involve, guide and assist in growth.   Contact us on our board-line to connect and have a chat with our experts or email them
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