“Over the course of more than two decades, Mr.Miguel Matos Tejedor has forged his reputation as a confident business developer in different fields such as NDT technology, Steel Sector, the Agriculture area, Art World, Textile-Fashion Industry, Hoteles, and Real Estate.

His practice’s portfolio is replete with unique projects with a significant presence in the front of important fields. Mr. Miguel Matos Tejedor epitomizes bespoke business relationships as the paradox of trading in which such particularity is based on human interconnections, values, ethics, and equity in respect and assertiveness.

With a keen eye for talent, sensitive touch, and genuine caring for people, Mr. Miguel Matos Tejedor has pushed the boundaries of Virtus to a new level of willingness, the essence of transcends in equal development of understanding, and courageous determination to accomplish new challenges.

Mr. Miguel Matos Tejedor’s potential was evident as a student, before he graduated he developed several businesses during his early life before he studied Science Economics in his hometown Valladolid and International Marketing Administration in London, where he acquired surprising growth due to his ability to encounter new cultures, which brought him the benefit to ¬†ignite in him the quantum idea of build confidence, strength, and empathy as a gordian knot to generate unity, creativity, and bold solutions to overcome adversity.”