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ORIGIN: Bangladesh

MOQ: 1 million per month

DELIVERY: 10-15 working days depending on manufacturing and freight load availability

FEATURES: Remdesivir is a broad-spectrum antiviral medication. It may shorten the time it takes to recover from the infection. Remdesivir is approved or authorized for emergency use to treat COVID 19.

Unolok (Leur Lok)


MOQ: 10 million syringes (100 syringes per carton)

DELIVERY: 10-15 Days depending on manufacturing and freight load availability

FEATURES: The tip of the syringe provides the point of attachment for a needle.The volume of solution inside a syringe is indicated by graduation lines on the barrel. Graduation lines may be in milliliters or fractions of a milliliter, depending on the capacity of the syringe. The larger the capacity, the larger the interval between graduation lines.