It’s very important to know the difference between Coaching and Mentoring programs, so we have displayed a clear list above for you to read and demark the two by definition. Most top performers at the workplace and leaders need coaching to move ahead in the game and accelerate to the next level. However not all get the right coach or program and structure contextual to their industry, organization maturity level and dynamics.

A good coach or coaching service provider will always ensure contextuality and ensure chemistry on the corporate dynamics is bridged well prior to executing and this has predominantly been the key success behind Virtus’ coaching programs with its Clients across the Middle East, Africa, UK, USA, and India.   Virtus also provides coaching for individuals, students and working and nonworking professionals who simply want to learn and progress ahead in any one path they have chosen or taken interest in developing and or growth.

  Virtus’ Coaching programs are structured by industry vertical, experienced and globally exposed mentors who have been successful only by living through several failures in business and life and most with over 20yrs min. global experience across industry verticals and functions.

It’s important to provide the right coaching, target inputs and guidelinesbased on performance experience apart from procedural norms to succeed and stay ahead of the curve today.   Virtus leadership already work 1 to 1 with many private family offices, successful SME’s, Governments and individual leaders around the world both remotely and in person. Our Coaches are currently located in UAE, UK & India and provide remote and onsite mentoring services based on the custom program structured for each individual and or institution.   To learn more, contact us on our board line and get connected with:

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