Associate - Investment Banking & Deals

Chidambaresh Ramesh is an upcoming professional in the Finance and accounting sector. He has a bachelor’s degree in Accountancy & Finance from the University of Mumbai. He is gaining experience in investment, banking, e-commerce, general trading, and other sectors with the help and guidance of world-class professionals at Virtus.

He is hardworking, open-minded, ambitious, and result oriented. He is always willing to go the extra mile to achieve his goals and put in extra effort to learn new things.

He is innovative and open to accepting new ideas. He is developing a business mind and acumen while learning new professional standards to work in the finance industry.

Chidambaresh has set goals of becoming a Consultant with a versatile business profile that branches into all fields and sectors. He also has the ambition of growing new businesses, establishing new contacts and networks, and being successful.