Bespoke REIT & Family Office Acquisitions

Virtus has built a bespoke practice in Investment Banking and Advisory since 2014 due to various indirect involvement in our existing clientele Mergers and Acquisition activities and Investment Due Diligence and related Change and Management projects. Today, Virtus is glad to represent a bespoke service offering Investment Banking Advisory, Private Equity Advisory, REIT Advisory, Precious Metal & Commodity Acquisitions (Gold and Other Precious Stones available under private placement offerings and mandated to Virtus) and custom structured product platforms for various private family offices and Institutions across Middle East, Africa, India and the UK.

Our Track Record until date: Virtus has concluded over 7 Acquisition including two 2 mergers in the last 9yrs. (values undisclosed purposely). In addition, to at least 6 major and 3 minor private equity and placements in projects and real estate in UK, GCC, and India.

For specific interest and to learn more feel free to contact us on our board line or our vertical Director – Farid Ahmed @ for coffee and to see how you/your family office/institution can benefit from our offerings.