Anandcharya P.

30+ years in Oil and Gas, Healthcare and General Trading

Director – Oil & Gas and General Trading Services

Anandcharya is Director of Energy and bespoke Trading at Virtus’ UK and UAE offices. A thorough bread Oil and Gas industry veteran with over 30yrs of experience across over 40 countries in the world. He works closely with the top brands of the energy industry such as Trafigura, GE, BP, Fuel Stream, Lukoil and many western giants regularly procuring and trading in the Oil and Gas sector.

Apart from his expertise in energy and bespoke trading activities, Anandcharya is also extremely well exposed to the healthcare industry and he was leading the administration for the Commonwealth Association for Mental Handicap and developmental Disabilities across 40 countries for a good 15 years of his career supporting several specialist doctors and working closely with the government health ministry for inclusiveness and creating awareness in this sector.

He advises our clientele in the Energy and Healthcare sectors end to end including structured financing solutions. Anandcharya is a qualified engineer from the UK and India and currently lives in Sheffield and shuttles between our Dubai and London offices as needed.