Associate Director CIS

Alex’s primary focus is on projects in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Belarus, and UAE. Alex is an investor, executive leader, and serial entrepreneur. Alex has a rich career history that spans several industries including government, energy, construction, medicine and food supplements, anti-drones systems.

Alex, his leadership started in 1992 at Marc Rich + CO Ag as a copper and non-ferrous trader, followed by working for Coalco Ag, (VP for aluminum export), EuroLoan Ag (President), Ural Trade Group, (Founder and Chairman).

His notable achievements to date include an advisory to the Chairman of the Russian Federal Committee for Construction from 2003-2004. During this period he supervised 200 Million USD investments of National Fund for Urban reforms – IBRD project in Russia – “Urban water supply and sewerage” and “Urban heat supply”.

In 2002 he founded Natec Group (National Engineering Company) – the biggest Russian engineering group engaged in medium-size EPC power solutions. As CEO of Natec, Alex has organized investments in power generation – over 180 Million USD, EPCM of all power facilities for APEC Summit 2012 EPC construction (3 power plants, grid, substations). Under his governance, Natec Group has totally constructed more than 700MW of power generation. Alex was also a key leader for launching R&D and production of innovative relay equipment for sustainable power supply to Petrochem and metallurgical producers.

As an investor, he structured project financing of several power plants for electricity/heating supply to Moscow Regional Government and Moscow Regional court head offices with the further sale of the above projects to EON (Germany).

Alex has a bachelor’s degree in International Economy from Moscow State Institute of International Relations and holds a “Strategic management” MBA from the Institute of Business Studies. Alex Alexeev has also held a DScEcon (Doctor of economic sciences) degree since 2003.

He is a modern jazz composer at and an art collector supporting contemporary artists in Russia, Uzbekistan, and Ukraine.